Insurance Finance

Generation of Long Duration High Money Multiple Investments as well as Capital Preservation

what differenciates us

Key Attractions

Manage insurance cycle through a multi-strategy approach

Sole player in niche markets due to a regulatory-approved platform

Large industry network leads to synergies & opportunities

Insurance Finance strategy is focused on achieving highly attractive risk adjusted returns by investing in regulated insurance capital. The complexity of the insurance sphere enables the team identifying mispriced risks where returns are highly attractive. The primary focus is generating long duration high money multiple investments as well as capital preservation.

PG3 has established regulated platforms in various European countries that provides significant “moats” offering investment opportunities not generally available to other insurance investors.

The team has furthermore significant experience in “natural catastrophe” insurance where it has developed a deep expertise in cycle management, intrinsic to the team’s investment ethos in the space.

Our investment approach and deep expertise, together with our extensive network within the insurance industry leads to immense deal sourcing opportunities.

what we do

Investment Approach

Within the Insurance Finance investment strategy, we invest in three sub strategies within the insurance industry. PG3 manages exposure via direct transactions and co-investments alongside our investment partners which include some of the most sophisticated investment managers in the world.

PG3 AG invests in: