Royalty Finance

Stable and Long-Term Returns with Low Correlation to Market Volatility

what differenciates us

Key Attractions

Unique global cross sector royalty offering

Stable & long-term returns generating compelling yield

Downside protected with embedded inflation hedge

PG3 AG is a unique provider of investment opportunities in a highly diversified cross sector royalty finance fund.

A royalty is a payment to an owner for the ongoing use by a third party of their asset or intellectual property. Royalties are typically a percentage of the gross or net revenue generated from the underlying asset.

The asset class offers long-term stable returns, low correlation to broader markets and provides a hedge against inflation. PG3 AG’s cross-sector approach provides a highly diversified portfolio with material downside protections.

PG3 AG has global relationships within the key blue chip royalty finance investors providing highly attractive deal flow. 

what we do

Investment Approach

PG3 AG invests across various royalty sectors and applies a relative value approach when allocating capital. We invest in best in class royalty managers as well as partnering and co-investing on direct transactions.

PG3 AG invests in: